As evidenced by my signature below, I hereby authorize All-Star Pdr, Inc/ Hail King & Dent King (hereinafter ASP/HK&DK) to perform the complete repair of my vehicle upon receiving approval
from my insurance carrier (AUTHORIZATION TO REPAIR), and to receive payment directly from my insurance carrier for the repair (DIRECT PAY AUTHORIZATION). By signing this agreement ,
I release ASP/HK&DK from any liability for loss or damage to the vehicle. I will maintain in full force and effect vehicle insurance for body and property damage, collision, fire, theft and fully
comprehensive coverage for the duration of the repair. I acknowledge that my insurance will cover any such damage to the extent that the loss is not caused by ASP/HK&DK. I also hereby
grant my permission to ASP/HK&DK employees, agents, contractors and subcontractors for the purpose of repair, delivery, testing and inspection. Further, I acknowledge that if closer analysis
reveals additional repairs are necessary, either I or my insurance company will be contacted for authorization of any additional repair charges. If new parts are listed in my insurance company's
repair order/estimate of repairs and either (a) such parts are not timely available or (b) ASP/HK&DK is able to fix the damaged auto body/parts through paintless dent removal/repair,
conventional body shop repair or a combination thereof, I authorize ASP/HK&DK to repair to such damaged parts or, alternatively, utilize new, used or aftermarket replacement parts in its sole
discretion. Old parts will be kept, thrown away or recycled by ASP/HK&DK unless otherwise instructed. I authorize ASP/HK&DK to manufacture access to dents that may not be accessible to
their location on vehicle. I authorize ASP/HK&DK to dictate, in its sole discretion what the best method of repair is for my vehicle (paintless dent removal/repair, conventional body shop repair,
replacement & refinishing or any combination thereof). I further authorize ASP/HK&DK to subcontract with third parties for the repair of my vehicle, including, without limitation, with one or
more body shops for conventional repair or replacement & refinishing work, and to drive my vehicle from such third parties' facilities. The total amount of the repair charges must be paid in full
before my vehicle can be released for delivery to me without exceptions. If my insurance coverage pays either all or a portion of the total amount due, I acknowledge that the insurance
check/draft must be obtained by me or sent in advance to ASP/HK&DK by the insurance company. I also acknowledge that I must make arrangements with any lien holder or other payees to
endorse the insurance check/draft prior to the release of my vehicle. If my vehicle is determined to be a total loss, ASP/HK&DK will receive a $150 admin fee, $150 shop consultation fee, and a
$50 a day storage as a precondition to releasing my vehicle. I hereby authorize ASP/HK&DK to act as my power of attorney to sign or endorse any check/draft made payable to me and release
thereto, as settlement for my claim to this vehicle. ASP/HK&DK is not responsible for prior damage to vehicle (exterior or interior) or damage to the vehicle arising after it is returned to me,
including, without limitation, damage described on this form. To secure payment in the amount of the repairs, an express mechanics lien on my vehicle in favor of ASP/HK&DK is acknowledged
and I futher agree to pay any reasonable attorneys' fees and court cost in the event that legal action becomes necessary to enforce this contract. If any provisions of this agreement are
unenforceable by law, such provisions will be enforced to the maximum extent permitted by law, or otherwise stricken if necessary, and all other provisions will remain in full force and effect.

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